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About this site

Thank you very much for visiting this site (hereafter as ‘Falcon’). Falcon is working with the objective of addressing the concerns of both users and development companies.

We are aiming for a service that is available for anyone to use,
with no sign-ups or posting fees.

If you would like to know more about Falcon,
please take a look at this page.
For troubleshooting
Users often have these concerns when implementing IT or developing their systems:

I don’t know
an appropriate developer

I don’t know
a reasonable price

Too many unnecessary functions /
there isn’t the function I need

By posting issues with a focus on results in your company’s specialized field,
we can introduce case studies
more from the perspective of users themselves!

Through introducing each story of pre-implementation, mid-development, and post-implementation,
users can see the features of each development company and develop trust and reassurance.

Process until posting

The Falcon Management Team will come and provide an explanation,
so feel free to first get in touch through the contact form /.

After providing an explanation,
the Falcon Management Team will guide you every step of the way,
from gathering information for the article to posting.

The management staff will provide an explanation of Falcon at a designated location.
Gathering Information
Specialist staff will come to the desired location to gather information and take photographs.
Editing of the article and photos will be done by a writer.
Once editing is complete, we will confirm the content of the article with your company.
One of the posting staff will then publish in on our website.
Get started by getting in touch with us through our contact form!

* Time is required until posting, so please allow between two weeks to one month.

* We may be unable to post your case study if it is unrelated to system development or IT implementation.