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Smooth workflow package and business flow coordination

Systematization of handwritten vouchers is urgently required

This user has published map books and geography textbooks for educational institutions etc. throughout the country. Because there are business partners all over the country, various vouchers will occur daily. Nevertheless, the accounting department handled a large number of daily vouchers that occur day by day. However, handwriting operation has its limit. Mistakes and troubles of handwriting lost were inevitable, and the workload of the staff members was high.
The user's wish is to paperless these accounting slips, reduce the workload, and want to do cooperation with accounting on the system. Moreover, he wanted me to build a new workflow as soon as possible.

System construction is stagnating, days we lose sight of the direction

In fact, at about a year ago, users introduced a workflow package to build a coordination system between accounting and accounting. However, it is discovered that the package can not satisfy the necessary requirements after introduction. It is essential to accountingly verify the form and to visualize the checks in the accounting department, but the report is diverse, and it is impossible to operate the accounting and accounting in cooperation with the introduced package. I can not do anything and I am chased by my day-to-day work and the systemization of vouchers is left unattended. We received consultation to break down the situation.

Thoroughly organize workflow and start again

User's preference is to build a system by using already installed workflow package. So, the first thing I did after receiving your request was to thoroughly organize the work flow. In order not to make the same mistake as one year ago, we focused on checking the workflow, and then focused on leading to technical system development.

Building a new system, making it more efficient at once

As a result, we succeeded in constructing a system to connect with the accounting system using scratch while operating the workflow package by accounting. In the workflow package, slips are created / created with the interface close to the paper slip. By checking them with a newly constructed system, connecting them to the accounting system, we have become able to manage data collectively.
From users, we were pleased that we were able to utilize the installed workflow package and dramatically advanced paperless in-house. In addition, the accounting department was able to manage the data that had been compiled by handwriting on the system, and also evaluated in that respect.
Also, in response to the success of efficiency in the accounting department, we were able to add requests from other departments. As you can see, the high evaluation from the user resulted in the next job.

New promotion system development

We have newly constructed a system that aggregates and optimizes information on systems that are already in operation.
Improved user experience by optimizing and providing scattered information on each system.

Planning and requirements definition

basic design

Detailed design



Operation / Maintenance

Development scale: 9 man / 4 months, about 10 users Language PHP (cakePHP 3), HTML / CSS, Javascript
OS CentOS 7.x
DB MySQL 5.x
Server Apache 2.x
Company Name

Sunborn Inc.

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