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Unify management of stock content and realize collaboration with core system

A key point to break away from a system that has changed into an adulthood

Stock content It is the largest company in the industry, and the genres to be handled range from images, videos, illustrations and so on.
The content management system was already introduced, but the maintenance and operation system was not in place. Also, the system of purchasing and selling content was not coordinated, and as the number of contents to be handled increased, it became very complicated. In addition to that, there were engineers from multiple companies and each system was in a state that only the engineers who developed it knew it. There was no one who managed the whole, so it was impossible to make a major renovation.
In order to solve the user's problem, we first needed a human being who grasps the whole system. Therefore, I myself stayed and tried to grasp the whole thing. By summarizing the interactions with customers at the site and developing them internally based on that, we have made it possible to strengthen our organization and provide stable services. In this way we were able to break away from the situation that had become an adult, and we could have taken action to add large functions and make a major renovation.

Improve efficiency of business through collaboration with the core system

I was able to understand the characteristics of each system as soon as I stayed permanently. As a result, I think that we succeeded in linking the systems of purchasing, selling, and backbone systems together, so that we could improve the speed of our work. Also, at the time of renovation, I took care of UI, UX. Because I had a management system for each genre such as animation, images, etc., I devised devises so that they can be used in the same way.
From the user, we evaluate that the time taken for the work has been sharply reduced. Even now, I am constantly staying in the company and listening to requests and continuing to engage in system renovation.

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