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City health business. Operation support using ICT.
4th year at the company
Ogiwara Takaaki

After graduating from a liberal arts university, I joined Paul Morioka Office.
Together with local governments, universities and companies in Iwate Prefecture, the theme of disseminating local information and solving problems is
We develop mobile applications and build systems.

Medical expenses soaring as the population ages.

In Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, medical costs were increasing due to the aging population. In order to solve this problem, Tono City launched the “Tono ICT Health and Well-Being Business” in 2010, and we supported the planning and operation of that business. The Tono ICT Health and Well-Being Business is a business that gives the elderly the consciousness of exercising and supports health promotion. The city distributed pedometers to the elderly and promoted walking. A system linked with a pedometer has also been introduced, and points are awarded according to the number of steps. The points given can be redeemed in the form of gift certificates or tax reduction.

Reduced medical costs. Increased muscle mass.

We have supported a wide range of projects from planning to operation. In addition, there were few qualified public health nurses in the city, so we hired them at Poolelu and supported the provision of human resources. As of 2019, more than 1,000 elderly people participate annually, and compared to 2010 when the measurement was started, medical expenses are decreasing and elderly people's muscle mass is increasing. . By continuing to do so, we hope to contribute to further health promotion.

City health business. Operation support using ICT.



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