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Revitalize the city with sports. People Ltd. PR is the decisive factor.

Takizawa's first attempt. Participation in National Challenge Day.

The National Challenge Day was launched in Canada in 1983, with the participation of all citizens of all ages and genders aiming to create routine sports habits, promote the health of residents, and revitalize the community. A type of sporting event. It started in Japan in 1993, and Takizawa City decided to participate for the first time in 2019. In addition to the planning and production of leaflets, flyers and magnet sheets (novelty) for publicizing and announcing the event, P-Pull provides support in the form of day-to-day tallying and planning of city-sponsored sports planning. I did

Support beyond production.

The Portal Morioka Office mainly conducts web production, design and application development. This time, I was involved in the planning and operation of the event. We studied how to design and distribute promotional materials while considering how citizens can participate with a sense of ownership. We also made extensive use of SNS and actively made announcements and PR.

The result is a great success. PR and Idea Award

There were 21,000 participants on the day. The participation rate is 38% for 55,000 citizens. It was a very excellent figure for the first participating local government. Participation in the tournament was 119 local governments nationwide. Each year, there are multiple awards, such as the subject of the Challenge Day and the Newcomer Award. The results of evaluations that were not found in other prefectures, such as utilizing the city's mascot character "Chakupan" and creating SNS and novelties, were evaluated. Both Takizawa City and Pall Corporation were the first to try, but it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a great success. Planning has already begun for the 2020 event, and the city is considering measures to exceed the number of participants in 2019.

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Revitalize the city with national challenge day sports




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