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Gorufu burando no ninchi-do kōjō to, EC saito no hanbai kakudai
Development from design to system, one stop development

This user is a golf equipment manufacturer "ONOFF" (Onofu). It is a Japanese golf brand founded 15 years ago. We aim to offer golf equipment to golfers looking for a premium lifestyle. It is a niche market named golf equipment, a manufacturer that has obtained stable support as a Japanese brand.
In this time, upon site renewal, requests from customers were further brand recognition and sales expanded by member EC site.
We were able to receive consistent orders for system development from the design of the front end as the first case since we became the current internal structure. For the staff, PM, 1 person, PL: 1 person, SE: 2 people, PG: 2 people came.
As a development environment, PHP, Mysql is an orthodox structure of Windows server construction. As EC package adopted ECCube 2 system, it became system development unique to open source, initially there was confusion in progress management. However, we were able to survive safely with teamwork of our in-house staff.
Even after the operation starts, there is a request for event notification etc on a regular basis. We also undertake maintenance work.
Since this project was a project that I was in charge of for the first time since I joined the company personally, I have a feeling.
It was a good experience to cultivate the ability to communicate with customers and staff through a series of tasks such as interviewing the client, summarizing the requirements in specifications, and designing the system. I am proud that it is utilized in the current work.

Building a golf brand EC site

EFC site renewal for brand recognition and sales expansion

Planning and requirements definition

basic design

Detailed design



Operation / Maintenance

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