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Vehicle allocation management system replacement due to lack of support for development environment
System replacement due to lack of support for development languages

A major logistics company uses API linkage from the core system to connect to multiple systems.
As one of them, the maintenance of the development language of the “Vehicle allocation management system” was out of service, it was decided to replace it.
Because the request is based on the current situation, we will proceed with development while confirming the past design documents and specifications, and the actual screen.
Since the new requirements were only a few functions, the difficulty level was relatively low and the schedule could be advanced with a margin.
However, the screen movement, display method, and usability / implementation were not successful in the new environment, and it was forced to struggle.
Therefore, adjustments were made with the user, and adjustments were made not to change the operation method for screens with low reproducibility.
Although some results could not be reproduced, a new construction was realized without compromising convenience or operability.

Work without seeing the whole picture. Detailed communication is important.

Some large logistics companies have a large overall system, and it was difficult to get a complete picture.
The team consists of 10 people, 5 current operation teams and 5 new development teams. The current operation team grasps the specifications and communicates them to the development side.
Neo-Tex participates as a development side and is not involved in the existing system.
Therefore, it was important to communicate between users, operations, and development.
We were able to proceed smoothly through detailed communication.

Also, with regard to linking with other systems, we were able to reach the release without any major troubles by coordinating each development team, sharing information, and checking.

User reviews are excellent

It was completed over 5 months from October 2017. User evaluation after release is excellent. There is no problem in usability and it is used well in the field.
The result was that Neotex's past experience and individual member skills were utilized. There was also a request from the user for another project, which totaled 5 systems for 2 years. By proceeding while communicating firmly, it was possible to give the user a sense of security and to proceed without rework or a recognized native language, and it was a project that Neotex was able to make use of in future projects.

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