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Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture Official information transmission application development
Efficient information dissemination in cities with many migrants

Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture (former Takizawa Village) is a 20-minute drive from Morioka City. The city is also home to two universities, including prefectural universities, and one high school, where young people migrate from inside and outside the prefecture. A long time ago, information about the town was obtained from a circular notice, but there were many students and young families, and the situation where information transmission from the city was difficult was continuing. Therefore, Pall Corporation proposed information dissemination utilizing smartphones.

Disseminating city information with a smartphone app

As a proposal, we suggested that you send information about the city using a smartphone app. Since the prefecture is relatively young and there are many smartphone users, we have received orders and development. First of all, what information should you send? We repeated examination with examination of the staff of city and decided to push forward development to plural. At present, the contents are enriched with additions and additions, but in the initial development, we decided to send out the necessary information for living "garbage", "holiday on-duty doctor" and "living". Development was released without iOS and Android with no big problem. After release, the biggest issue was the number of downloads. Fortunately, the company office was located in the Innovation Center operated by the Prefectural University, so we continued to appeal to distributing flyers to universities and giving students the opportunity to appeal directly to students. At present, it has become 5,600 DL and one out of 10 residents download it.

Strengthen collaboration with other departments and external companies

At the beginning of development, I worked with some departments in the city, but after the app was completed, several departments consulted, "Can you send such information?" By transmitting information in cooperation with each department, "Public transport" "sightseeing" "sports" and the information of Takizawa city has become more and more packed app. We have also developed a system that can output timetables and route information in cooperation with public transportation. At present, it has become an application that can acquire a wide range of information for 14 contents. Every year we consult about additional content, and we are involved in everything from planning to development.

4th year at the company
Ogiwara Takaaki

After graduating from a liberal arts university, I joined Paul Morioka Office.
Together with local governments, universities and companies in Iwate Prefecture, the theme of disseminating local information and solving problems is
We develop mobile applications and build systems.

Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture Official information transmission application development


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