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Declining birthrate and aging population will reduce youth. Make high school classes attractive.
4th year at the company
Ogiwara Takaaki

After graduating from a liberal arts university, I joined Paul Morioka Office.
Together with local governments, universities and companies in Iwate Prefecture, the theme of disseminating local information and solving problems is
We develop mobile applications and build systems.

Dissemination of information through classes. Make IT familiar.

At Iwate Prefectural Midorine High School, enrollment has decreased year by year, and the number of students has dropped. There was a request to do something to keep the youth in the prefecture somehow, and we launched the "High School Attraction Project". In Tono Midoriku High School, which has two departments, Production Technology Department and Information Processing Department, and Agriculture and Commerce, students are not limited to agricultural and commercial cooperation and product development, but also send information, instead of just "making" products. "Sell". In this way, we aimed to "transmit the charm" of Tono City where we live.

The target information processing students were given a survey, planning, and actually making their own production courses from the background of the production technology of Ryokumine, and what kind of communication would be consumed I experienced the flow of one product development-sales process of thinking about what kind of photos and words would be appealing to those that would reach the consumers. The final product we developed was not a form of sale, but an effect measurement using SNS, and we were able to experience the process of disseminating information nationwide and worldwide. At the Tono Citizen Center held on January 28, 2019, we will present a presentation of this project to show a real place where you can directly contact visitors, how to publicize on the Internet, differences in user reactions, etc. We felt and finished business of 2018.

From the students, "I learned the difficulty of making things from scratch", "I felt that in order to transmit information, we had to understand Tono's attractiveness", "Overseas I'd like to do more on website creation and SNS distribution. " Throughout the year, I was able to feel an experience that I could not get through ordinary classes. Through this lesson, I was most pleased that the high school students who had not yet entered society gained learning through the importance of disseminating information and the flow necessary for that. We will continue to hold special lectures at our company in FY2019, and we are making final adjustments for meetings with the teachers of Tono Midori High School. Based on the retrospective of 2018, we will aim for lessons that will lead to more students' learning and contribute to high school and community appeal!

CMs created by students who participated in this class
Mine Hayaike CM
Kabuto Kobata
Wang Lin

Declining birthrate and aging population will reduce youth. Make high school classes attractive.



Curriculum Classes: 20 lessons
:: Input (5 times): Dissemination of information, advantages / disadvantages of SNS Output (8 times): plan announcement, video production, SNS posting, planning
:: Sale (3 times): Cultural festival, sale at roadside Summary, presentations (4 times): Reflection / effect analysis and presentations for junior high school students and city halls at the civic center
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