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Bluetooth integration of health equipment devices

Cooperation between existing applications and devices is an urgent task

Bluetooth cooperation between health appliances sold by beauty health equipment makers and dedicated applications is a challenge.
Especially when connecting multiple devices with Android terminals, there were many occurrences that they did not authenticate.
Can not deal with existing vendors, we received a request from us.

Start with the current survey

In order to investigate the invisible part such as communication, the current specification is not left in the document, I will carry out detailed investigation on the iOS version currently running and customers and conduct surveys. However, since there is fundamentally a difference in technical content with iOS, we proceeded the survey in the form of reference to the last.
Also, there was no user who understands the specifications, so I explained the explanation of the cause and circumstances in detail and started by understanding the current situation at first.
Then we set the specification and worked on it.

Respond one by one to each one in turn

Even if Android is said to be the only one, as the specification changes for each terminal, we proceeded with the Chinese terminal as well as the domestic product.
Using the technology called a sniffer, I checked the packet information that was flying and checked the communication with the device repeatedly, I have thoroughly tried it.
Particularly when pairing, depending on the terminal, there are terminals that finish connection (no advertisement packets are issued) at the stage of discovering the terminal, and for the cause investigation
It was very difficult. There are 4 models actually investigated (Chinese OPPO, Google Russian, 2 domestic products).
In order to correspond to each model, we devised the method of conditional branching and instructions and created and realized a branch that can cover everything, not by each model.

Also correspond to new products.

Users sell multiple health devices, even if the manufacturers are different depending on the product.
Originally it should be manufactured with the same specification, but because it was manufactured with different standard, we also corresponded there.
Although updating of the device can be done from the application, since the new product has different firmware, we also corresponded there.

From the user, we are evaluating flexible correspondence, and we are still asking for your request.

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