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Because it is in-campus portal site improvement of usability increases access number
Latest outdated existing systems

I decided to replace the whole system because I wanted to refurbish the old portal site for students.
Requests from users are to follow the current function, add new functions, UI and UX to both university side and student side easy to use.
In particular, I was hoping for a system that many students can use on a daily basis.

Clear the task and playfulness plus

As the basic current function, each student logs in with ID and password, and then accesses necessary information. As main information, there are registration of the course, viewing of the results table, confirmation of the syllabus. After this replacement, we decided to add scoring confirmation as a new function there. It was to make it possible for the professor to check the results of the scoring on the portal site. These tasks were relatively easy to clear by developing with scratch.
For UI and UX, which was another problem, I designed it more easily and built it firmly so that each browser works without any difference. In addition, universities are subject to intense changes in the number of accesses due to magnetism, so we designed data that can withstand high-load processing so as to cope with such situations.
As a proposal for many students to access it, I proposed a specification that the logo changes to a special one once every 100 times, but I adopted it gladly. Today, in line with spring, summer, autumn and winter, four patterns of special logo have come to appear. Apparently, among students, it seems that it is talked about luck when visiting this logo.

Efforts of the whole team will be powerful

We have also evaluated current functional users, and we are still maintaining ourselves continuously. By team consistently building, introducing and maintaining, all the team is able to understand the system. Therefore, we feel that it is our strength to be able to deal not only with detailed refurbishment but also with major renovations.

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