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Aiming for an easy-to-use EC site for older people
Aiming for an easy-to-use EC site for older people

This time, at the request of users with whom we have had a relationship for some time, we are dealing with products of a wide variety of categories such as home appliances, fashion, beauty and cosmetics, and the new EC site emphasizing "quality" rather than "price". The we.
The contents are the construction of the system for front (product search, order) and intra (customer management, product management, order management).
The problem from the users is that many users of EC site are older, there are many steps from putting the product that you want to purchase as a mechanism to the cart and the confirmation of the purchase, and there are not a few people who give up the purchase Because of that, there was a thing that you want to prevent leaving so that you can reduce the step and have you purchase smoothly.

Intuitive, easy-to-understand user thinking

In order to reduce the steps to purchase, we placed emphasis on thinking from the perspective of the elderly.
The goal is to make it intuitive and visually easy to understand, as we may not always understand what we normally think when shopping on an EC site, or it may be an obstacle to purchasing I made it.
Since there was a screen transition that goes through the steps one by one, such as designation of delivery and payment every time since putting it in the cart before repair, etc., there is a person who will stop the purchase from the trouble, or from the phone Often I was switched to ordering.
Based on them, we have created a mechanism to call up the information at the time of the last purchase for those who have made a purchase once. It takes a form of transitioning to the purchase confirmation screen immediately after putting it in the cart, and transitioning from the purchase confirmation screen to a screen on which each item can be changed.
Users are delighted that they have switched to phones less often than before.

ACreation Co., Ltd.
Mr. Washio

Retail store EC site construction

Planning and requirements definition

basic design

Detailed design



Operation / Maintenance

Development scale
language HTML, CSS, Javascript, java, perl, CGI, PHP
OS RedHadLinux
DB Oracle
F/W own
Company Name

A Creation Inc.


Tokyo Nishi-Ikebukuro TS Building 6F 3-1-15 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku


April 23, 1990

Business contents

・ Computer system design and software development
・ Computer software maintenance and operation service
・ Computer operation management service
・ Network operation management service
・ System support work (help desk support etc.)
・ Planning, development and design of electronic applied devices
・ Development of embedded software for home appliances
・ Quality evaluation of mobile products (development and quality control)
・ Performance evaluation and practical evaluation of base station of mobile (communication device) telephone


30 million yen

Number of Employees

[Employee] 140 people


P mark registration number 10824390
Worker dispatching business 13-306651

Please do not hesitate to consult
any questions on system development
Falcon administrative team's specialist will take a free consultation

This site is operated by Acro Holdings.
Based on experience gained in about 20,000 man-months per year,
planning of the hearing system of the issue, acquisition of the phase estimate,
We support the review of estimate contents and management of projects.
For inquiries, please fill out this mail form or the following phone number.

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