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Budget financial system replacement for certain universities
Replacement from a system built with Microsoft Office Access

A school corporation built a budget financial system with Microsoft Office Access. Although it has been used for a long time and it is easy to use, it has become unable to cope with OS version upgrades and changes in the surrounding environment. Neotex Co., Ltd. has experience in developing accounting systems for school corporations.
From the university side, "current follow-up + new function". There was a request for replacement without changing operability. Neotex Co., Ltd. had experience in both development using past packages and full scratch development. Among them, I chose full scratch / Web system. There are several reasons, and we choose full scratch instead of package base to meet a wide range of demands for systems that will be used for a long time in the future. In addition, since there are multiple campuses and an attached junior high school and high school, the Web is selected so that it can be used at any location. We proposed a system that can grow with the development of the university as well as the demand at the time of development.

Difficulty of current follow-up. Importance of explanation and communication to users.

Current follow-up can be more difficult than new development. Especially in systems that have been used for a long time, there are many cases in which various steps are added along the way, making them black boxes. Since users are accustomed to the appearance and usability regardless of the contents, there are many cases where they want to follow the current situation. This time, the existing system was investigated and the requirement definition was advanced because of the current follow-up, but functions that were difficult to reproduce and parts that were difficult to reproduce came out with UI (appearance) UX (operability). Therefore, we re-scrutinized the actual user (Accounting Division) workflow and created a simple document with a screen.Although the operability has changed to the user, it has been explained that it can be used without changing the effort and procedure. While getting alternatives from users, I made something that I could understand. In addition, we proposed several specifications for new functions and built an optimal system for the business flow. I was able to get the recognition that I would like to proceed with development by communicating with the user firmly. The fact that the phases have been separated in a long development period of one and a half years is also a major factor in success. The scope can be firmly defined by releasing in two stages. User manuals are also neatly created with images. An explanatory meeting was also held, reflecting the actual system. By taking such detailed measures, the system was used smoothly even after the system was switched.

Long-lasting maintenance. Also support migration.

Even after being released in April 2010, we have continued to make minor improvements and maintenance. High reliability from users. Currently working on migration of current environment and language. By switching from an old version to a new version, you can eliminate vulnerabilities and scalability concerns. Having a solid understanding of the user's work and optimal proposal / system construction has resulted in long-term maintenance contracts, migration, and additional support. From the user's point of view, it's true that you want to use what you made at a high cost for 100 or 200 years. Neotex Co., Ltd. offers proposals that minimize costs with a more optimal cost method.

Neotex Inc.
ITSD Department 3 Manager 12 years since joining the company
Yusuke Honda

Started his career as a system engineer in April 2003. Active as a programmer of AS400 / RPG while staying at the customer. I was involved in a new environment and technology and wanted to expand my career. Joined Neotex Co., Ltd. in March 2007. Experienced many web system projects for major confectionery manufacturers, distributors and school corporations in in-house contracts. Currently, as a manager of the ITSD3 division, he manages himself as a player while managing multiple projects

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