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Pursuing convenience from the standpoint of new users of the EC site of general stores
ACreation Co., Ltd.
Ms Kitazawa

Renewal of EC site of general store to improve convenience and work efficiency

This user was asked to create an EC site.
The retailer's general store has felt the limit at the EC site used so far, and has decided to construct a new EC site.
The two main themes are how to improve the convenience and ease of use for site users, and how to manage products, orders and shipments from members in a unified manner, and to streamline operations, making development a major goal. It was decided to advance.

Work from the site user's point of view Solve problems

Based on the concept of enjoying searching for products, we proposed the problem of improving the convenience of site users, thinking from a user-like perspective what functions are easy to use and easy to understand.
One of them is collaboration with SNS, which many people have used frequently in recent years.
This SNS cooperation is proposed from the proposal of the contract contents with the provider, and there is a time limit for completing confirmation of the cooperation on the provider side, and it is necessary to have time to carry out development and construction of the site by that time limit. I had no trouble.
As a result, it becomes possible to log in to the EC site using the SNS account used by the site user, and when the user performs member registration, the user information of the SNS can be cited. It became possible to reduce the time and effort of registration.

Efficiency of work on EC site and store information

In rebuilding the EC site, the theme was not only the users but also the management efficiency of the users on the management side.
We were able to centrally manage ordering / ordering, inventory management, distribution management, and sales management at the EC site, and we were extremely pleased that the convenience was improved.
In addition, the information of actual stores is also posted as a function other than EC, the display is performed by narrowing down the area in the store list, and the stores near the current location are displayed on a map, etc. Pursuing ease of use.

Construction of EC site of retail general store

basic design

Detailed design



Operation / Maintenance

Development scale 2018/01~2018/10 13 people a month
language VB.Net, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript
OS Windows Server 2012
DB SQLServer 2016
F/W .NET Framework 4.5.2
Company Name

A Creation Inc.


Tokyo Nishi-Ikebukuro TS Building 6F 3-1-15 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku


April 23, 1990

Business contents

・ Computer system design and software development
・ Computer software maintenance and operation service
・ Computer operation management service
・ Network operation management service
・ System support work (help desk support etc.)
・ Planning, development and design of electronic applied devices
・ Development of embedded software for home appliances
・ Quality evaluation of mobile products (development and quality control)
・ Performance evaluation and practical evaluation of base station of mobile (communication device) telephone


30 million yen

Number of Employees

[Employee] 140 people


P mark registration number 10824390
Worker dispatching business 13-306651

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