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Replacement of existing system due to system revision

Limitations of current system. The aging of the system. Tasks pile up ...

Certain food insurance associations have responded to old-fashioned systems for long time with old-fashioned systems.
However, the current system and system felt the limit for the changing environment with the times.

We decided to review the system at the timing we revised the system, and consulted our company.

From investigation of existing system to selection of language.

In adding the new system, despite the fact that the general requirements and requirements were decided, it was not possible to shorten specification details,
Several members of our company checked the requirements directly at the customer's site and investigated the existing system.
Currently it was developed more than 10 years ago, and we have also selected languages ​​and suggestions.
By repeatedly arranging meetings in face to face, we were able to pick up requirements that we could not see and the misalignment was also resolved.

We have been able to proceed with development work smoothly after consolidating requirements.
Meanwhile, a regular meeting was set up at week 1, and work was carried out while checking the misrecognition and omission missing details.

Also, when introducing the new system,
Not to switch at once, because we prioritized the site first, so it was decided to parallel use with the old system,
We incorporated a mechanism that automatically switches over at a certain timing as a trigger.
By doing so, we were able to avoid confusion at the site and smoothly introduce the new system.

Trouble is also avoided by taking detailed communication. Better development is achieved

By dividing the customer and the company according to the phase at the right place at the right place, it also leads to work efficiency and we were able to develop at the lowest cost.
Customers also gave me the words "Because there was a lot of specification uncertainty, we responded very much from the adjustment and was extremely saved."

In the future
We are aware of system development at the user's point of sight and prompt communication and response speed,
We will provide you with a system that customers can say "I was glad to ask efi."

Replacement of existing system due to system revision

Planning and requirements definition

basic design

Detailed design



Language Management tool: VB 6.0 / WEB site: Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript / form tool: SVF
F / W Spring (Java)
DB Oracle 11g
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