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Contributing to the expansion of Kabuki fans with the speedy lending management success

The lending time is only 30 minutes before the show

Because the earphone guide can hear the explanation of the contents being performed from the earphone, it is said that a lot of spectators are using it every time. However, the earphone and receiver lending time was only 30 minutes from the opening to the performance, and occasionally the opening time came in without the row of the loan being canceled. The cause was that all loans were settled in cash. Besides, there is only one place. It was a method of receiving a deposit and a rental fee from each person and giving a receiver. Many mistakes occurred frequently without time, and it seems that the state of very inefficient was continued.
This time, from the user, we had to challenge to systemize the lending business and to streamline the processing at the site. It was my hope that more people would like to use the earphone guide and want to increase the number of Kabuki fans more.

Easier to manage by registering the receiver

Firstly, I started by registering receivers in advance. It is aimed at instantly confirming which receiver is in the loaned state, returned or not.
Next, we introduced a tablet to manage loans. It is possible to lend out registered receivers while managing them on the tablet, and the purpose is to eliminate confusion at the site. By using multiple tablets, we have been able to deal with many people regardless of location.

Shorter time for settlement processing with special prepaid card

Another thing, I think that introducing a prepaid card can be raised as a big improvement this time. We made all the payment processing which was done in cash so far with prepaid cards. In addition to being cashless, who also lent it to the record remains, so efficiency has improved very much. Prepaid cards use FeliCa's mechanism. Because I can also charge from Suica, I think that ease of use is also good.

Coordinate lending management with accounting system

By systemizing loan management of receivers, we can now link daily loan numbers, deposits and loan fees with accounting systems. Three performances in Kanji in the morning, afternoon and evening are not uncommon, and it seems that it was hard to manage sales by each performance. However, after introducing the system, it became possible also, so we pridefully accepted your request.

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