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Built MICE new reservation system, contributing greatly to sales

Issues to break away from a cumbersome reservation system by hand

MICE (Miss) * 1 refers to events such as conferences, exhibitions, festivals, etc. where many visitors are expected. Major travel agents who are users are often engaged in MICE, and since sales have been taking up a large proportion throughout the company, we have been aggressively acquiring MICE projects.
However, there was a problem with its acceptance system. I made a site for each MICE project and prepared a format for reservation application, but I had created it manually. The contents of the reservation range from accommodation, transportation, meals (box lunch), novelty, souvenirs and so on. In addition, items are often added depending on the scale and content, and we responded individually each time. As a result, conditions continued that many MICE-related projects could not be dealt with even though they were occurring.
The challenge from this user was to systematize such cumbersome tasks by hand. In response to individual requests from MICE organizers speedily, providing reservation formats that are easy for participants to understand, and finally, renovating the site aimed at handling more MICE.

While securing security, a flexible system

What I emphasized in particular in addressing the issue this time is security aspects. Because there is a high possibility of dealing with personal information of many participants, robustness was sought. Therefore, we decided to consider introducing EC package. Security of EC package has been strengthened from the beginning and because we judged that the scheme is similar when considering MICE as a product. As a result, we decided to use the EC package only in the frame, and to respond to other parts with full scratch. By doing this, I think that I was able to respond to the user's request "We want to correspond flexibly for each case". System design using such a method may be a very rare case.

Directly connected to sales! I will receive the president's award

We responded firmly to various requests and received the president's commendation.
We are in charge of operation maintenance and renovation so that we can respond to the work that changes daily even now.
By realizing that you can continue to request from users, I realize that you can meet your request.

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