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Realize release of EC site in a short time by cooperating with existing system

Absolute condition for release in half a year

This time, consultation from the user was to build a new EC site of the home center. The challenge was to operate in a system that delivers products from shops close to customers, and to distribute sales by e-commerce shops for each shop that delivered them. Moreover, it started in the situation that it was only half a year before the release, and it was a situation that we go to design while defining requirements.

Cooperation with existing systems is an important key

While organizing requirements, I felt that cooperation with vendors who independently undertake each system such as mission critical systems, POS systems, delivery management, and product management is the key. However, it was very difficult to compile each person in charge. I think that it was a situation where it was requested to maintain balance while taking initiative and it was a situation where disputes could arise if lacking balance even a little. While practicing constructing the EC site, it was a task that was strongly required to interact with these various aspects.

Dense collaboration to a stone system

Once the cooperation started to be smoothly taken place, there were truly professional groups, various things solved. Especially, I think that it was great that cooperation with the back-end system was able to be appreciate, close collaboration with the core system and seamless cooperation with product management were done closely.

Evolution not finished after release

After the release of the EC site, the satisfaction level of the user is high, and not only maintenance but also requests for function expansion are received one after another. Since its frequency is quite high, we are trying to avoid degrading quality. Moreover, we also proactively propose proposals within the budget, such as improvements in operational aspects from here. From now on, we will continue to expand and aim for the evolution of the EC site.

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