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Integrate sales support system and aim to improve function
Mr. Hirako

Consolidate bloated systems and improve efficiency

We asked you to rebuild the system used by the sales department of the pharmaceutical manufacturer.
The present system was using the old version application server including other systems, and the phenomenon that the display of the WEB screen became slow occurred. In addition, because the system has been gradually enlarged due to repeated functional modifications, it is also regarded as a problem that the number of impact investigations and tests will increase at the time of new renovation, and the unique functions of each of two affiliated companies It is also inefficient to add the system, so the aim is to efficiently carry out future repairs by integrating and standardizing the systems of the two companies.
It was adopted because of the departure from the old application server and the proposal in C # with high development efficiency.

Pursuing user friendliness and efficiency

As a function of the system, MR (pharmaceutical information person in charge) of the pharmaceutical manufacturer inputs necessary items and prepares various documents to be submitted to the hospital teacher and patients.
For example, if you ask a teacher for a speaker for a lecture, the necessary documents such as a transfer account entry form, a request for provision of my number, etc. will be created for paying the doctor's documents for the director / teacher's fee.
All the documents are output as PDF, but it is necessary to make to fit on one page, and until now, once output, then shorten the text, reduce the font size or tweak, and re-execute several times There was a time to output. Then I was very pleased when I suggested that font size and line spacing be adjusted. The addition of this function enables the user to output without being aware of the number of characters, resulting in significant savings of time and effort.

Sales support system used by MR of pharmaceutical manufacturer

Planning and requirements definition

basic design

Detailed design



Operation / Maintenance

Development scale 2019/01-2019/04 20 people a month 1000 users
language C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript
OS Windows Server 2016
DB SQLServer 2016
F/W .NET Core 2.1
Company Name

A Creation Inc.


Tokyo Nishi-Ikebukuro TS Building 6F 3-1-15 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku


April 23, 1990

Business contents

・ Computer system design and software development
・ Computer software maintenance and operation service
・ Computer operation management service
・ Network operation management service
・ System support work (help desk support etc.)
・ Planning, development and design of electronic applied devices
・ Development of embedded software for home appliances
・ Quality evaluation of mobile products (development and quality control)
・ Performance evaluation and practical evaluation of base station of mobile (communication device) telephone


30 million yen

Number of Employees

[Employee] 140 people


P mark registration number 10824390
Worker dispatching business 13-306651

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any questions on system development
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