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New function development renovation addition of warehouse management system through core system renovation
New function development / function repair / addition of warehouse management system by backbone system renewal

Renewal of the core system of the semiconductor manufacturer enables modification of the system of arrival of the warehouse management system (WMS) that was originally in operation, change of the file information interface, modification to the core system, creation of additional functions We asked Wise, Inc., who has a wealth of experience and know-how in the logistics system, to develop it.
Since the original WMS was developed by another company, it was necessary to start from the current analysis.

Development in line with the core system

Since it was not possible to develop a core system in accordance with the subsystem, it was necessary to determine the specifications around the core.
While I did not know the specifications of the core system, I tried to confirm the specifications while preparing for a number of cases based on years of experience in logistics. Nevertheless, in cooperation with the backbone side, data differences and unexpected cases have occurred, but when it comes to backbone repair it will be a large-scale repair and prompt response is required on this side So, I talked with the user each time and cleared by checking the requirements.

Preparing not to stop the flow after renovation

In order to close the gap between the client's superiors and the work at the warehouse site, the renovation provided an opportunity to directly explain the new functions and the repair function to site workers. I think that I was able to resolve the unrest on the site by this, and to be able to work smoothly after the renovation.
This kind of detailed communication and flexible response allowed us to conduct surveys and deliveries without major problems.
Since the know-how of the logistics system was further accumulated by this experience, I would like to make use of the experience more than before.

WISE Co.,ltd 
Project manager Eight years of joining a company
Mr. Kawahara

After graduating from an information system vocational school, I worked as a half-year sales company at another company, and I changed jobs because I wanted to do development work because there was a difference between the initial assignment of the system department and the actual operation. At the time of interview of the current company Wise, I came to join because I felt that the chairman was acquainted with the teacher in vocational school days.
I experienced about 2 years of operation and maintenance, and knowledge of the infrastructure was attached, so I would like to shift to development and dispatched to SES. Accumulate more knowledge and become a member of commissioned development

Sales support system used by pharmaceutical manufacturer's MR

Planning and requirements definition

basic design

Detailed design



Operation / Maintenance

Development scale
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WISE Co.,ltd


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November 27, 1990

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