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Renewal of book management system for independent administrative agencies
Replace to promote usage to users

Independent administrative corporations are subsidized by private welfare organizations and NPOs commissioned by the government. Granted organizations are required to submit a report after the grant project is completed. Although it was digitized before the renewal, it was possible to search and browse from the Web, but it was difficult to use because there were many complicated input items on the search form. There are two types of users: there are employees in certain independent administrative corporations and general users who donate to the support recipients and the government. The staff members were able to use it without any problems at present because of the need for detailed searches, but general users did not need deep information, so it was necessary to raise the ease of search (usability).

A system that is easy to use for both employees and general users

Since there are two types of users, it was necessary to coexist with forms that are easy to search for. Remaining the original search form, the entire design and search form were developed by renewal. The search form for general users is limited to the minimum necessary search conditions, and a form that can be combined with three items: "Free Word", "Keyword (Option)" and "Region (Option)" has been established. In addition, we have implemented a measure that minimizes the search effort by always displaying arbitrary keywords set by an independent administrative agency. In addition, we received various requests within a limited period and budget, so we adjusted and arranged to meet the needs as much as possible. Because the development period was short, we tried to avoid omissions and shortages by communicating firmly.あ り Thanks to the cooperation of an independent administrative agency, we were able to deliver without major trouble.

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Joined the company in 2000. Since then, he has experienced a variety of projects with resident customers and internal contracts. Since around 2010, he has been active as a leader and PM for in-house contracts. There are many cases involved in Web system development, and experience with Java, PHP, Python. Currently, he is engaged in research and development projects with universities and companies as a manager of the Technology Promotion Department.

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